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The DLR is often described as ‘pedantic’

On Sunday, while suntanning its legs, iPad-Googling for bathroom light fixtures and hand-writing a magnum novelistic opus (sort of), the DLR scanned the New York Times‘s predictable three-day weekend article, which was headlined ‘Let’s Be Less Productive‘. You don’t need … Continue reading

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Are we back in the Great Depression? Let’s ask the arts.

Radio 4’s Today Programme aired a segment last week, with Claire Armitstead and John Bowen, on the subject of Dickens and debt, which (not inevitably) segued into the question of whether we are now seeing Depression literature. The idea that we are … Continue reading

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Bring out your dead

Amazing! According to the New York Times, only one woman has died within the past two weeks: Nooo, we’re not seriously saying one has to follow gender quotas for the obituary section, and yessss we understand how obituaries work, but … Continue reading

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Sic ’em

Like a Storm Shadow cruise missile raining down on the Bab al-Azizya, the [sic] is a deadly weapon and one best wielded with precision. The DLR, even with its handy anonymity, has never dared to [sic] anyone, and hopes it … Continue reading

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You’ve made it, kid

The DLR’s mother was proud to see our lowly district of Dalston mentioned in the Sunday New York Times, which, for the DLR’s mother and the 9 million other people who stand on, not in, line, now means that Dalston actually … Continue reading

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But — who are you?

Who are you, our happy band of readers? Knowing one’s audience is a key tool of writing: the better you know your audience, the more subtle your jokes can be and the more concise your analysis. You can create a … Continue reading

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Missing in action

Hey, new Sunday New York Times magazine, we’re not ones for quota-shaming here, but really — — where are the women??

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