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What a riot!

The DLR is not being republican (us? never…) when it turns to the subject of last year’s riots on the day of Queenie’s Diamond Jubilee. We like the idea of the Jubilee; we never use that Tube line, exactly, but … Continue reading

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The DLR is often described as ‘pedantic’

On Sunday, while suntanning its legs, iPad-Googling for bathroom light fixtures and hand-writing a magnum novelistic opus (sort of), the DLR scanned the New York Times‘s predictable three-day weekend article, which was headlined ‘Let’s Be Less Productive‘. You don’t need … Continue reading

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Cat got your tongue. What tongue?

We adore Hilary Lloyd’s work, and if we were a betting anthropoid we’d put our money on her for the Turner Prize, which is announced in two weeks. And a huge portion of our respect goes to her ability, sustained … Continue reading

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Duck and cover!

Last week, the IAEA, the nuclear watchdog of the UN, released its latest report on Iran. The conclusion? That Tehran has undertaken modelling and activities designed to develop its knowledge of nuclear explosions, including developing relevant detonators and using its … Continue reading

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Your news explained: Al Qaida picks up where UNESCO leaves off?

Now that the US will no longer be funding UNESCO, will Al Qaida’s generosity be the future? The Guardian reports that Al Qaida is making cash payments to victims of the Somali drought. DLR, is this a kinder, gentler Al … Continue reading

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Sic ’em

Like a Storm Shadow cruise missile raining down on the Bab al-Azizya, the [sic] is a deadly weapon and one best wielded with precision. The DLR, even with its handy anonymity, has never dared to [sic] anyone, and hopes it … Continue reading

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