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Mad dogs and Northkoreanmen

It’s January and that means everyone is into purges. Dry months, caffeine enemas, herbal teas. You name it, the DLR is avoiding that nonsense. In North Korea, though, a recent purge has followed a slightly different script. First, it began … Continue reading

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Paradise city

Shangri-La: an earthly paradise, a Tibetan concept of utopia. Shangri-La Dialogue: an earthly para-diplomatic conference, a Singaporean concept of influence. That’s right. Not content with sending some of its army of correspondents to the Venice Biennale this weekend, where the … Continue reading

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You don’t look a day over 82

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear greatleadeternalpresidentandlovingfatherofafreesocialistKoreeeeeaaaaaaaa, Happy birthday to you! For a man who’s been dead for nearly 17 years, Kim Il-sung’s career is going very well. He’s still president of North Korea, and … Continue reading

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