The Dalston Literary Review was conceived approximately nine months ago, and after a lengthy gestation period of inactivity, finds itself covered in goo and being slapped about the face by a butch midwife.

This is not the medium originally envisaged, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than a printed newspaper. And apparently, print is dead. That’s what it said in today’s Guardian.

How about the content? The DLR is interested in the local and the global, the practical and the theoretical, the mundane and the extraordinary. Its contributors want to discuss politics, art, fashion, recipes, life crises and bicycle repair. It wants SO MUCH, goddamit, but it will probably deliver so little.


About us: We are an old married couple living in Dalston who watch the kids come and go with bafflement and mild trepidation.

Email us: dalstonliteraryreview@gmail.com

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