Updated eating news

Well, hullo there, world. We are back off the wagon like Whitney to a crack pipe (too soon?). This week we bring you various news in the exciting world of eateries.

First up is East End stalwart Bistrotheque‘s move to the new King’s Cross area, an industrial wasteland recently been transformed by the pretty incredible new Central Saint Martins building. What does, you might ask, happen when you transplant 5,000 art and fashion students to a new derelict area of the city? Answer: like a tranny responding to a conch call, Bistrotheque comes to answer their too-cool-for-cocktails needs.

Moving to the Ed Ruscha-like former petrol station that has sat empty for years on the side of Goods Way, Bistrotheque is opening a Latin-themed bar, the somewhat less than inimitably called ‘Shrimpy’s‘. It promises ‘patrons a collection of dishes harvested from trips to the Americas, especially the Latin parts’. Lest you think the ‘Latin parts’ sounds slightly euphemistic, let us put your mind at ease: the owner’s boyfriend is Mexican, so yes, it is.

Shrimpy’s opens Thursday.

The pineapple was a symbol of hospitality in Europe following its discovery by explorers in the 15th century. This is why Gracie Mansion, the official mayor’s residence in New York (even if Bloomberg has too much money to stay there), has a pineapple motif in much of its cornicing and trims. FACT! Although it may or may not be why the peculiarly named Shrimpy’s is illustrated by a pineapple. NON-FACT!

Back in the Dalston woods things are not looking so cheery, as another early East End stalwart — Jaguar Shoes — has finally made it to the big time. Their previously local fame crossed the desk of the Jaguar car company – and Jaguar has promptly moved to quash it, bringing proceedings against the bar and music venue’s use of the name. In response Jaguar Shoes sent out an email press release to their email list of 20-something hipsters and booze hounds, calmly proclaiming that ‘CORPORATE GIANT APPLY PRESSURE TO INDEPENDENT LONDON ARTS COLLECTIVE’. We’ll see how this one goes. To be fair to Jaguar Shoes — a name we could never get our heads around in the first place — it doesn’t seem likely that someone searching for a Jaguar automobile will be mightily confused.

dreambagsjaguarshoes. Note: not dreamjagsjaguarcars.

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