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Here comes the shank, dobedobe

Are you depressed about the turn in the weather? Do you yearn for the sunny days of yore (or last week), when you could laze in London Fields with your hipster mates and desecrate the grass with your barbecues? Well, being … Continue reading

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Did the princess seize my buddy’s boat? Aye captain.

Well, congratulations, Mitt Romney. Republican America has finally shrugged their shoulders and endorsed you. It only took your billions. On this momentous occasion we bring the best fake lip-reading meme since someone overlaid Bush & Blair on that funny love … Continue reading

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The DLR is often described as ‘pedantic’

On Sunday, while suntanning its legs, iPad-Googling for bathroom light fixtures and hand-writing a magnum novelistic opus (sort of), the DLR scanned the New York Times‘s predictable three-day weekend article, which was headlined ‘Let’s Be Less Productive‘. You don’t need … Continue reading

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Is everything old new again? Further to our last post, we received word that Mark Hix is opening up a restaurant called Tramshed in a former tram electricity station on Rivington Street in Shoreditch, just opposite Rivington Grill. Hix himself … Continue reading

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Updated eating news

Well, hullo there, world. We are back off the wagon like Whitney to a crack pipe (too soon?). This week we bring you various news in the exciting world of eateries. First up is East End stalwart Bistrotheque‘s move to … Continue reading

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Remiss, remorse and remonstration

Well, the DLR has been remiss lately. And thinking of the DLR has led to panic stations on high alert, particularly when the DLR’s Facebook page has been adding fans at a far higher rate than it did when the … Continue reading

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Mao’s power hour

Chairman Mao has a bad rep. And let’s be fair, some less-than-good things happened on his watch. Things like, you know, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution that killed tens of millions of people and desecrated invaluable cultural … Continue reading

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