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Defending the realm

It’s Oscars season! That time of year when the DLR sits down with a bowl of popcorn and makes acerbic comments about the dresses on parade. Or gets all giddy over best supporting actresses. Or somesuch. So, we hereby present … Continue reading

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Bad Moody’s

The DLR’s grammatical rating agency, DLRGRRRR, has downgraded the BBC’s late-night sub-editing forecast to ‘negative outlook’ following recent flagrant misuse of standfirst commas. C’mon BBC, you can do better than that! Also, Moody’s, by “(of selected EU countries)”, do you … Continue reading

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Your news explained: WTF China?

In part two of our segment Your News Explained, we present an answer to a remotely located but alarmingly handsome reader, who read this justification from the Chinese ambassador of the recent UN veto, and asks: Here’s my question to … Continue reading

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Crisis in Scandalavia

World-changing events are truly upon us: Homs burns; Tehran rattles sabres; Kim Jong-il dies; Scandinavian society teeters on the brink of anarchy over unrelated food-based crises. For, when our friendly Nordic neighbours do crises, they do crises in comically small, … Continue reading

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The terrible view from the roof of the world

All is not well in paradise. China has recently stiffened its resolve, not to mention its presence, in the Tibet Autonomous Region and Tibetan areas of Sichuan province bordering the TAR. Now, full disclosure before we start: the DLR loves … Continue reading

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