Do not frighten Mr Market!

The DLR is loving the way the ‘markets’ has been turned into this pagan god, commanding fear, respect and the sacrifice of virgin daughters, by the now financial-services-savvy but still quite lazy media. It is portrayed as some kind of Sloth-like figure chained in the basement of the stockhouses around the world, existing at the core of the earth, withstanding extreme heat and compression, rattling at his cage and demanding endless Baby Ruths.

So you see what we mean about this fearsome anthropomorphism:

Mr Market, like a bloodthirsty hound with a bad smack habit, should not be awoken. One should placate him at all costs.

If one fails to mollify him the consequences are dire!!

Please, someone with children, dress your child up as the Markets for Halloween. Or make a horror film: Nightmare on Wall Street? Night of the Living Dead Cat Bounce? Invasion of the Bond Snatchers?

Separated at birth: Sloth and Mr Market.

(By the way, the allegorical personification of Mr Market comes from Benjamin Graham’s 1949 book, The Intelligent Investor, as a way of explaining the mood swings and fluctuations of the markets. Just to show we didn’t make it up; it really is a term used by investors.)

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