The merry gallery-go-round

Now that the dust has settled from Frieze and Fiac one can see the art market and its transactions clearly. Oh, wait, no, we can’t, everyone is still saying everything went great. This is like 2008 when everyone said everything sold like hotcakes, when in fact most galleries returned from the fair with their wares in hand and only admitted it years later.

We heard no one was buying, we heard smaller galleries and larger galleries did well but medium-sized galleries suffered (they sound like T-shirts), we heard it was fine across the board, we heard Fiac was better than Frieze, we heard celebrity visits to Frieze were down, but all in all it seems that some galleries did do very well, but not all. Those galleries that were in general cannier about what they brought did better, so we hear.

But there is some actual news we can report, in regards to the artists (remember them?). David Noonan and Steve Claydon left Hotel; Noonan went to Modern Art (who are quietly amassing a great group of artists — and have got Dexter Sinister to design their webpage) and Claydon went to Sadie Coles. Judith Hopf joined Hotel. Slightly old news now but Moyra Davey has joined Greengrassi (her highly acclaimed show just closed there). Not sure if they are representing her estate but Thomas Dane will be holding a big show of Lynda Benglis’ work (you’ll remember her from this ad that caused Rosalind Krauss and Annette Michelson to quit Artforum to start October) that is worth looking forward to, and Hannah Sawtell has joined Vilma Gold. Troubles continue for the ICA, who overspent on their Pablo Bronstein show and who are now paying speakers with year-long memberships to their (free) galleries. But we remain excited for their Lis Rhodes show in January. If they don’t close first!

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