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Do not frighten Mr Market!

The DLR is loving the way the ‘markets’ has been turned into this pagan god, commanding fear, respect and the sacrifice of virgin daughters, by the now financial-services-savvy but still quite lazy media. It is portrayed as some kind of … Continue reading

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The merry gallery-go-round

Now that the dust has settled from Frieze and Fiac one can see the art market and its transactions clearly. Oh, wait, no, we can’t, everyone is still saying everything went great. This is like 2008 when everyone said everything … Continue reading

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The long arm of the metaphor

Having realised that there’s no place like Dalston, a fact already appreciated by moustachioed hipsters, hooded rioters and burly Turks, Argentine artist Amalia Pica returns from the Americas to her chosen new home to sit down with the DLR. As … Continue reading

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Bring out your dead

Amazing! According to the New York Times, only one woman has died within the past two weeks: Nooo, we’re not seriously saying one has to follow gender quotas for the obituary section, and yessss we understand how obituaries work, but … Continue reading

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The DLR acknowledges the pervasive effects of advertising and their commercialisation of public space. But sometimes, adverts are just plain good: witty, effective, thoughtful. And this particular example from Tunisia caught our eye: That is all.

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The final countdown?

Der der derrrrr der. Der der DER DER der. Der der derrr der. Der der detti der der DEEEE. Dumble DEEEEEE. Dumble Dee Dee Dum Dee Deeee. Dum DEEEEE. Dumbley DEEEE. Even in written form, the immortal first bars of … Continue reading

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A problem for Korea

There’s something rotten in the state of North Korea. It’s not often you get an idea of what’s really worrying Pyongyang. Mostly, the closest you get to the inner thoughts of North Korea is blustering rhetoric about the South Korean … Continue reading

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The Dean’s speech

The DLR despatched a minion to Tate Modern tonight to see Tacita Dean’s new, massive film installation for the Turbine Hall space. Last year Dean came into the public eye with an impassioned letter she wrote, subsequently published as an … Continue reading

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Losing interest

Prepare yourselves: this is going to be about interest rates. Wait, don’t go! Interest rates are really jolly important to wealth, wellbeing and societal justice. In a time of austerity, it’s easy for people to take sides over fiscal policy … Continue reading

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The DLR: Your news explained

The DLR presents a new segment: Your news explained. In it, we explain the news. To you. Today’s query is on the vote to condemn Syria in the UN, which China and Russia both vetoed. The BBC coverage is linked … Continue reading

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