Comings & goings

The DLR thought it might take a trip down south to E2 to see what all the art kids were doing in Bethnal Green. It’s good we did because all the galleries are trading places and we wound up so confused we almost mistook the shops on Vyner Street for actual galleries. Whew!

So, the comings & goings gallery news:

Hotel, only a few years after opening up gargantuan premises south of Whitechapel Road, has faced up to the fact that the Hackney art world is too lazy to go an extra .4 of a mile to see a show and has returned to Bethnal Green. They’re taking the upstairs room of Wolfgang Tillmans’s non-profit space, Between Bridges, which Tillmans has been running on the ground floor of his large studio around the corner from Herald St. Tillmans is moving his studio from London to Berlin, and so Between Bridges is closing – its last show, of work by the Norwegian artist Marte Eknaes, opens tonight. Eknaes’s work investigates the line between private and public space, using material meant to be invisible – round dots on glass doors that keep people from walking through them; faux water droplets on bathroom windows – in her formalist sculpture. So, if you bump into things, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Also chasing the magic of the Tillmans studio is Sutton Lane, which is leaving its Sutton Lane digs off Old Street (bet they regret the name now, dontcha) and moving into the second upstairs room of the Tillmans studio. But what, we hear you ask, is going to happen to Rob Tufnell’s gallery, which is, confusingly, in the same space as Sutton Lane in Clerkenwell? Why, it’s moving to Pimlico! No, we did not expect that either.

Finally, balancing out (kinda) the sad news of gallery closings elsewhere, a new gallery opens up down the road from this new Sutton Lane-Hotel-Herald St-Maureen Paley axis of power: Carlos/Ishikawa, with their inaugural show of Ed Fornieles (boyfriend of new UK starlet Felicity Jones), Lloyd Corporation and Oscar Murillo also opening tonight.

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