Highbrow high brows

Having trouble getting back into the groove after the bank holiday? So are we, yes, so are we.

But here is a little diversionary parlour game based on a talk Simon Baron-Cohen gave at the Edinburgh Bookfest (sponsored by both the Guardian and the London Review of Books — they may well have called it Smugfest) on his new book, Zero Degrees of Empathy, a sophisticated reclamation of the word ‘psychopath’ from that name people call you but they shouldn’t, you’re just tired, it’s been a long day.

Allora: separated at birth?

Cambridge empathatician Simon Baron-Cohen

Kingston philosopher Peter "I eat your subject/object theory for breakfast and then I wash it down with a little Hegel mmm give me some of that Geist" Osborne

Upper West Side life ponderer Jerry Seinfeld

You thought we were going to go somewhere else with this, didn’t you? Fair enough.

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