You’ve made it, kid

The DLR’s mother was proud to see our lowly district of Dalston mentioned in the Sunday New York Times, which, for the DLR’s mother and the 9 million other people who stand on, not in, line, now means that Dalston actually exists. Congratulations, Dalston!

According to the Times, which actually runs this story every couple of months (Dalston ‘Renaissance’luxury developersEast festivalart money goes east, etc.), ‘Dalston is welcoming its latest wave of new arrivals: young creative types and self-styled bohemians in search of cheap rents and a lively vibe’. There is a slideshow here; they spotlight Cafe OTO and A Little of What You Fancy, and LN-CC, which the DLR is proud to say it scooped a few months ago. Take that, Bill Keller. We also like the shock with which the Times records a bagelry selling Indian and Caribbean food. Imagine! We’re still getting over blueberry bagels ourselves.

What ever will they say next? Oh, wait, 'Dalston is an up-and-coming area for media/artsy/creative types'... We look forward to the next instalment, NYT.

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