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Le week-end

What’s that, you say? Skulking around with no plans for the weekend because all your friends have buggered off to Iceland, Greece and Italy, the new axis of financial ruin? Why don’t you: Catch the last weekend of Josephine Pryde’s … Continue reading

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Allow me

The DLR counts among its horde non-natives to this green and pleasant land. Such an eclectic variety of nationalities allows us to appreciate expressions the British have, and particularly the way the Brits ask people to do things in their … Continue reading

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Riots, sodomy and the backlash

So, now we have a date. Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s opposition leader, will take to the stand on 8 August in defence at his own trial for sodomy. That’s right, sodomy. Anwar is, according to the government, the epitome of evil, … Continue reading

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Shanghaied in Dalston

The DLR would like to apologise to Dalston. We have been unfaithful. We write this with shame on our faces and guilt in our hearts. Ever since we discovered Lao di Fang/Gourmet San on Bethnal Green Road, we have dedicated … Continue reading

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If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it

So is this the style of our late stage of modernism — erupting volcanoes, surging waves, slithering amoebae, CGI dinosaurs, towering towers of glassy glass? Lots and lots of bombast, that is, covering lots and lots of banality? We are … Continue reading

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The DLR was ecstatic to find among its many talents an ability to cut circles through glass; this served it well when sneaking into Sadler’s Wells’ wonderful performance of Sylvie Guillem last night. The performance was made up of three … Continue reading

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It’s started!

This is the first-wave attack. Duck and cover, people.

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