A little something for the weekend

What, you’re still here? Missed that 6.40 Ryanair flight to Malta? Well, yes, we are too. No, well, we have no plans to go anywhere either. On the bright side there is a surprising amount on for a last weekend in July.

Banner Repeater, the gallery-cum-bookshop in Hackney Downs station’s disused office spaces, has a talk by artist Julika Gittner on Saturday evening and a party following to celebrate its first year in action.

Bloomberg Space, just below Old Street, has a day of artist’s book projects run by the amazing El Brown of X Marks the Bökship. Talks, works, offerings by Sara MacKillop, Information as Material, Occasional Papers and others. From 11am to 6pm on Saturday.

Sample the ingenious new drinking system at the new Borough Wines outpost on Wilton Way: nice wine that you can fill into your own bottle, letting you look like a wino but drink like a Lafitte.

The Vortex plays host to the wonderful West African singer Sona Jobarteh — quel opportunity to see someone coming out of (and breaking) the long Griot tradition.

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