Ask Amelia, News Corp. edition

Dear Amelia, 

If you think your partner is cheating on you, and you have his or her email password, is it ever okay to check his or her email?

And if you do — do you have to admit how you found out about the affair?

Ross Kemp 

"Talk dirty to me, Rebekah. Use your News of the World voice."

Dear Ross,

A sticky dilemma indeed. In short, it is NEVER acceptable to read someone else’s personal correspondence, even if you do share far more intimate things on a daily basis. My mother brought me up to believe that reading someone else’s letters is a near-criminal offence and as usual she was quite right. Emails and text messages are merely today’s letters rid of the tedium of Royal Mail delivery. Pressing ‘send’ can be just as heart-stopping as seeing an envelope fall out of sight into a post box, and a new email can be just as thrilling as a letter by one’s breakfast plate. But I digress.

If you suspect that your partner is having an affair then ask them. If they are a nice English girl or boy then their blushes should give them away. If they are from the continent then they probably are having an affair anyway.

Where, I ask, is the line drawn between phone hacking and reading someone else’s emails or text messages? Both are an invasion of privacy that should not be tolerated in this great libertarian nation. Reading the private missives of others makes tawdry tabloid hacks of us all. Rise above it, good people of the DLR!

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