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A little something for the weekend

What, you’re still here? Missed that 6.40 Ryanair flight to Malta? Well, yes, we are too. No, well, we have no plans to go anywhere either. On the bright side there is a surprising amount on for a last weekend … Continue reading

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Bake off!

What is all this kafuffle about a patch of south Chinese sea we literally had to Google-map? Are we not ignoring martial manoeuvres closer to home? The DLR dispatched its war correspondent to London Fields, where events are hotting up … Continue reading

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Troubled waters

Like a fashionista in a pantsuit in 2007, the DLR has been on to the South China Sea for aaaaaages. Back in the mid-2000s, when no one but us and a few lonely Australian academics cared, we drank deeply at … Continue reading

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Ask Amelia, News Corp. edition

Dear Amelia,  If you think your partner is cheating on you, and you have his or her email password, is it ever okay to check his or her email? And if you do — do you have to admit how … Continue reading

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It’s an uphill battle, keeping up with Dalston. And what with XX sightings, rumours of Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Shacklewell Arms (there for Beyoncé’s sister’s gig), it’s easy to forget the smaller-scale, local art projects that make our neck … Continue reading

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XX porn

As an aside, the DLR spotted Mercury-prize-winning The XX coming out of the Rio on Friday night, having just watched Harry Potter. Their trademark Gap-does-Goth look seemed a bit Snapesque in the context. Oliver Sim does Slytherin.

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So we sing the song of love, Yuuuuuuuulia

With the eurozone imploding at a dramatic rate, the US haggling over whether or not to wreck the entire global economy and the Murdoch empire’s evil tentacles being severed one by one, we here at the DLR think you might … Continue reading

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Le week-end

What’s that, you say? Skulking around with no plans for the weekend because all your friends have buggered off to Iceland, Greece and Italy, the new axis of financial ruin? Why don’t you: Catch the last weekend of Josephine Pryde’s … Continue reading

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Allow me

The DLR counts among its horde non-natives to this green and pleasant land. Such an eclectic variety of nationalities allows us to appreciate expressions the British have, and particularly the way the Brits ask people to do things in their … Continue reading

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Riots, sodomy and the backlash

So, now we have a date. Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s opposition leader, will take to the stand on 8 August in defence at his own trial for sodomy. That’s right, sodomy. Anwar is, according to the government, the epitome of evil, … Continue reading

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