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America’s princess

The DLR was impressed by the enthusiasm of the Canadian people, 10% of whom can feel excited about something they do not believe is exciting. We read this in the inevitable article about the new royal couple’s visit to Canada … Continue reading

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Ask Amelia

The DLR often finds itself at a loss in Dalston’s miasma of complex social situations. Gone are the days of clear rules of etiquette, stratified codes of conduct and chauvinistic social norms. To help out with this social trauma, the … Continue reading

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Little trouble in big Pacific

The DLR’s correspondents have reported from the front lines of gigs, cat-scratched sofas and Tate dance performances. But now, the DLR has dug into its lucky dip of contributors and pulled out a South Pacific correspondent. That’s right, ladies, a … Continue reading

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The DLR has its finger on the pulse. For instance, we heard that a new, cool restaurant-cum-bar opened up on the Kingsland Road and that all the kids were going there, sporting moustaches and sleeveless T-shirts. So, two years later, … Continue reading

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Greece is the word

But should it be? Now, there’s no doubt that if Greece defaults, we are looking at a major financial clusterflock. Liquidity will disappear overnight, credit will become a lot more expensive and European banks (particularly French banks) will be forced … Continue reading

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But — who are you?

Who are you, our happy band of readers? Knowing one’s audience is a key tool of writing: the better you know your audience, the more subtle your jokes can be and the more concise your analysis. You can create a … Continue reading

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Absolute beginners

The DLR gave away its tickets to the world premiere of Michael Clark Company’s th at Tate Modern in favour of a quiet Sunday night with the cat, handing them to a friend with a total ignorance of choreography and … Continue reading

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Zac attack

The DLR’s Fantasy Cabinet is a multinational beast, but we thought we should at least try to include a British politician in the increasingly serried ranks. Being indecisive, we thought perhaps the public could decide for us on which to … Continue reading

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Not factually correct now, is it?

Much like the Lib Dem’s election promises, we’d like to point out some other things that people say that seem to be true, but end up being utterly, utterly false. To wit: Shoot for the moon, you’ll end up among … Continue reading

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Road to Damascus

Are some revolutions more important than others? Obviously not for the inhabitants of the country involved, but in strategic terms it is true that some political overhauls have wider consequences than others. The events in the Middle East — this … Continue reading

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