You say holiday, I say vacation

You few, you happy few, you band of readers may have wondered where we’ve gone over the past couple of weeks.

Well, the DLR is on holiday and very much enjoying it thank you for asking. We will return at the beginning of June, comedically large sombreros on our heads, with new posts, more contributors, greater regular columns and sunburn.

Hasta luego.

No, seriously, this is where we are. And they even have wifi, so we can brag about it on the DLR.

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2 Responses to You say holiday, I say vacation

  1. msgogavin says:

    sombreros? sombreros??? don’t let the patriotic colombian drug lords hear you mixing your south american sartorial stereotypes like that.

    • It’s the only Spanish word we know that has any relation to hats.

      Besides, Mexican, Colombian – what’s the difference?*

      *Disclaimer: this is a joke and is not intended to denote any racism on the part of the DLR. Any resemblance to racism, real or fictional, is entirely accidental and the DLR is not liable for any offence caused.

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