Mara mia!

The time has come for the second in our occasional series of Fantasy Cabinet.

Being a gender-equal blog, we thought the world might be ready for a female member of cabinet. And who better to demonstrate our belief in equality of opportunity than the current Italian minister of equal opportunities?

Now, say what you like about Silvio Berlusconi being a misogynistic and grotesque caricature of Italian maleness, and we have, but those very same characteristics means he hires some good-looking women in his political coterie.

Step forward Mara Carfagna, former television showgirl (for one of Berlusconi’s media outlets) and model. We may not agree with all of her policies, such as her refusal to support gay pride marches in Italy, but we do agree with her entry into politics. Far better Mara Carfagna than David Mellor.

Honestly, Google image 'Mara Carfagna', and you struggle to find pictures of her with her clothes on.

The problem for the DLR is that Carfagna is almost too hot. We dithered over her inclusion because her background and looks makes the objectification necessary in the Fantasy Cabinet a bit sleazier. Berlusconi’s comment that his then-party, Forza Italia, maintained a modern form of  droit de seigneur with her entrance into parliament only adds to the ickiness. Still, her exclusion would be more pointed, and hence we welcome with open arms our new conservative serva padrona.

Oh, Mara, stop it! With your sultry looks, you're only making us feel worse about objectifiying you so.

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