My handspan measures 7.5 inches

That is not a euphemism but a fact.

Going up this week is the Banner Repeater project, which has transformed the disused offices on the Hackney Downs station’s Platform 1 into an exhibition space and an excellent artists’ bookstore of hard-to-find material. They open during prime commuting times to lure the bored and curious in — find lots of art books there, from Book Works, material from Publish and Be Damned, Afterall and others. A great project and one to be commended.

If you are in the neighbourhood and looking to leave the neighbourhood via railway transportation tomorrow (Saturday May 9th), stop by: they are having a private view of their latest group show.

Going down this week is obviously the Lib Dems. It is all very sad for Nick Clegg.

Don't cry, Nick. There's always the next referendum on electoral reform. In 2137.

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