Yes, you can now buy Margiela in Dalston

High fashion is coming to Dalston in a big way, and not just on display on increasingly pedestrianised Broadway Market. (And also not just in the new Merryn Leslie shop, 69b, that opened up on Broadway Market where the artist’s space Flaca used to be (Flaca, RIP).)

Now LN-CC (does nothing have words for names anymore?) has opened on Shacklewell Lane, in the basement of the hulking building that also houses LUX and the studio of Peter Jensen, maker of just about the best Christmas party shoes we’ve seen.

Bow down before the greatness. Ha! Bow down. Geddit? Because they're bows to which you bow. It's a homograph. What's a homograph? Oh, forget it. Sheesh, tough crowd.

It’s appointment-only, and the DLR has not yet made said appointment, but it appears to be a place where one can satisfy one’s complicated clothing cravings: three-sleeve Maison Martin Margiela, at-those-prices-not-really-for-all-folks Folk and we-don’t-know-them-but-we-love-their-indie-bandlike-name the Inoue Brothers. Please visit, report back, push that sartorial nous up past the Balls Pond Road Maginot Line!

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