Word of the rings

Building on the popularity of Palining — a word meaning ‘seeing one country while being in another’, and coined after Sarah Palin’s disastrous TV interview with Katie Couric, in which Palin alleged knowledge of Russian affairs because she could see the country from her home state of Alaska — the DLR would like to propose the word Sauroning (v.tr., to Sauron, Sauroning, Sauroned), meaning:

when a busy person who manages many domains –- work, freelance work, life, family, mild housekeeping, attempts to watch seven-hour Hungarian films — turns his or her attention to one of these fields, much as Sauron’s eye will settle on a particular adversary. Example: ‘Today I just have to Sauron my actual job.’ Or, ‘And now I Sauron thee, little dust balls under my bed.’

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