If you want a new suit you will have to get measured

For the week of 15 April 2011 going UP is:

Occasional Papers’s gorgeously designed publication of the text and images to Lizzie Borden’s key film Born in Flames, shown recently at the Showroom in their Cinenova archive exhibition and excerpted on Afterall. Click here to donate to the project to make it happen!

Speaking of the reasons one has to donate to get the book printed, going DOWN is the world’s assessment (is that too big a call? maybe) of Britain’s spending cuts.

Lizzie Borden, Born in Flames, 1983

And going somewhere unexpected is the Sarah Palin conspiracy story that she is the grandmother — not the mother — to Trigg. Was it all really an incredibly elaborate, incredibly under-investigated hoax?

Finally, our friends at Open Dalston have posted this about a film made by Emma-Louise Williams of the construction of the new East London Line. Showing at the Rio on 30 April! Check it out. 

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