Next station to heaven

We have titled this post ‘next station to heaven’ not because we want the Christian market but because that is what the town of New Canaan, Connecticut calls its train station, which delivers businessmen and the odd businesswoman to Grand Central Station in New York City, roughly an hour and a quarter away. Many of these men make a fair amount of money and they return to large houses in New Canaan, making New Canaan the kind of town that movie producers set films like the Ice Storm and The Stepford Wives (both the original and the remake) in.

New Canaan also boasts among its residents Katie Couric, Glenn Beck (whose star is fading — hurrah!), David Letterman and Martha Stewart (whom we must stand up for, simply on feminist principle). And among its eighteenth-century farmhouses and twenty-first century McMansions, it also boasts the Glass House, Philip Johnson’s Modernist home, which he built as his own residence in 1949. You can see it if you drive along Seminary Street, just down the road from God’s Acre, jump out of the car, and crawl along an unmarked path on the edge of someone else’s unfortunate property, and if you wait to do all this in November, when all the leaves have fallen. Or go to Maureen Paley’s on Herald Street, E2 where the photographer James Welling is showing his absolutely beautiful photographs of the Glass House from Thursday. Welling’s previous work made plants look like otherworldly, abstract beings, so we are looking forward to his stock-bleached images of this little town’s architectural exploit, a relic, in many ways, of another age.

James Welling, 0806, 2006

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