And in other sexualised politician news…

Welcome to the DLR’s first Fantasy Cabinet post. This is #1 of an occasional series, in which we present for you the most attractive political leaders and ministers from around the world, male or female, that would be chosen for the good-looking cabinet of our dreams.

Our first nomination hails from the heart of Africa, but he’s managed to win our Dalstonian heart too. With his broad shoulders, close-croppped hair and weak facial hair, he truly is the Stringer Bell of the international political world. Mmmmm, Stringer Bell.

Just like Stringer, behind those lazy eyelids lurks a thrilling menace; his eyes have seen things no human should see, but we could still show him a thing or two. Sure, he has commanded a guerrilla army that included child soldiers (allegedly), but he looks so dreamy in his uniform!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present for you the president of our fantasy cabinet, President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Oh, Joseph, in your suit you look so powerful.

Why, Joey (can I call you Joey?), with your serious face on you make me go all weak at the knees.

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6 Responses to And in other sexualised politician news…

  1. A good start. Who’s next up?

  2. Pivpavpov says:

    He’s chubbed up somewhat, yer Kabila. Lends him even more cuddly psychopathic charm.

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