May I take your measurements

Let us promote and demote in six fell swoops!

The DLR is excited about:

Another great hit by Janice Kerbel at the Chisenhale: beauty, drama and narrative evoked only through the things (lights! camera! —!) that surround them. Amazing again from the one woman who most fully comprehends the outstanding glory that is the opening scene to Don DeLillo’s Underworld.

And to dine: Frank Hannon’s Friday night takeout — posh bicycle-delivered takeaway from this former River Café chef (for people in East London) on Friday nights.

And finally, Laure Prouvost’s opening at MOT by Broadway Market on Friday: tetchy and seductive; it is true she is French.

More politico-topically, the DLR wants to read more on:

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s detention. Last time he had to have emergency brain surgery because of injuries incurred.

Fall-out from Malcolm Gladwell’s taking on of the US News & World Report College Rankings (he is BACK in our good graces) and more on the subject of US law school rankings and the debt law students are falling into.

The death of the Palestinian filmmaker Juliano Mer Khamis, who directed the amazing Arna’s Children, the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival-prizewinner for best documentary.

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