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Separate but equal

The DLR went to one of the Secret Cinemas last night: large-scale events that take over disused London sites, and create live versions of films, which they subsequently screen (on video projection). This one had French soldiers processing tickets — … Continue reading

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More nautical misunderstanding

To say ‘it floats my boat’ suggests only that something does the minimum. Of course a boat should float, otherwise it’s not a boat, it’s a wreck. The answer to ‘does this float your boat?’ should be: ‘No, it revs … Continue reading

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This is it, team. This is the big one. The vote we’ve all been waiting for. Should the UK move from a first-past-the-post (FPTP) system to an alternative vote (AV) system? Wake up there at the back! This is important! … Continue reading

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As old as you feel

If you live in Dalston, and are reading this blog, when was the last time you were in a pub with someone A) Over 35 B) Under 25? We are wondering if Dalston might need to branch out. Specifically, the … Continue reading

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Dominant subs

Sub-editing is a delicate art. Tasked with ensuring the readability and correctness of an article, the sub is essentially a filter for the text that passes through the publication house to the reader. Headline writing is a key aspect of … Continue reading

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Word of the rings

Building on the popularity of Palining — a word meaning ‘seeing one country while being in another’, and coined after Sarah Palin’s disastrous TV interview with Katie Couric, in which Palin alleged knowledge of Russian affairs because she could see … Continue reading

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Jesus wept

Sex and religion are not easy bedfellows. Think of Catholic paedophilic priests, for instance, or Sodom and Gomorrah. Or even that godawful album by Steve Vai. So, imagine the DLR’s pleasant surprise when a reader sent us this link, providing … Continue reading

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Musical interlude

The DLR’s socio-politico-economic system is modelled on a form of socialist anarchism. That is, everyone has equal amounts of no money and no one is in control of the situation. Hence, here we devote the blog floor to the DLR’s … Continue reading

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If you want a new suit you will have to get measured

For the week of 15 April 2011 going UP is: Occasional Papers’s gorgeously designed publication of the text and images to Lizzie Borden’s key film Born in Flames, shown recently at the Showroom in their Cinenova archive exhibition and excerpted … Continue reading

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You don’t look a day over 82

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear greatleadeternalpresidentandlovingfatherofafreesocialistKoreeeeeaaaaaaaa, Happy birthday to you! For a man who’s been dead for nearly 17 years, Kim Il-sung’s career is going very well. He’s still president of North Korea, and … Continue reading

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